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Have Hope Mural Project

  In this time of uncertainty we felt the need as a small business in our community to send a message of hope to all.  I've been channeling my inner creativity to think of a way to connect with all of our friends, family, and neighbors in a positive way to combat the constant negative atmosphere that is surrounding us all that is causing much fear and anxiety.  We understand the importance of informing the public to the severe situation our WORLD is in and the instructions we must be given to follow certain protocol to keep us all safe.  I am a mother of three, and just like many (if not all) parents I am keeping my family safe and healthy while juggling work and homeschooling.  Quite frankly-it's getting tough.  I miss being able to see my friends and family-I miss seeing my kids with their friends.  I am craving positivity for my family and feel the need to do something!  

   I had a light bulb moment today, a solution to my feelings and a way to reach out a message of hope to our community along with providing a safe way to connect with others.   I have been blessed with a God given talent that I can use to help our community.  I have decided to initiate a

"Have Hope Mural Project".  

    Fine art has been used for ages to document history, story tell, and provide beauty amongst many many other attributes.  We are living in a unprecedented historical moment.  I am designing a mural to document these times and to send a message of hope to show all we will be resilient-we will overcome this struggle!  I would love to have the community involved in sending out this message, and feeling a peaceful moment in which they may have a sense of calmness-something we are certainly all craving at this time.  

      I invite you to book a time slot and contribute to "our" mural.  There is absolutely no cost to participate.  You will receive specific instructions upon booking.  Reservations will start on Monday, March 23rd so please book on or after this day. Using "social distancing" this will be accomplished by spreading out appointments giving ample time in between each appointment to ensure there will be no overlapping.  The mural is located outdoors at our business.  (In the event of inclement weather, bookings will be rescheduled) Only 3 FAMILY MEMBERS are allowed to come at a time.  Each reservation will be left the supplies needed to contribute to the mural.  You are asked to do your part then leave with the materials you were given to dispose of.  In between reservations I personally will be sanitizing the very very limited area that has been exposed to each guest.  This area will be the portion of the mural not covered with plastic that you have painted.  

   We will be posting the progress on social media and encourage the public to do "drive by's" to see how it's coming along! For any of us feeling stir crazy this is a safe way to get out of the house with the kids and gives us something to do!  We can't wait to see the final outcome-and thank you for participating!!!


We hope you and your families are all continuing to do the best that you can at this time.  The “Have Hope Mural Project” is resorting to plan B at this point.  It’s important that we follow the guidelines we have been given as a business to keep our guests and ourselves safe and healthy.  The original plan set forth was well thought out and would have had each individual contributing with less contact than you would be exposing yourself to if you chose to get take out food or go to the grocery store, gas station etc.  Unfortunately our business falls under the “non-essential” category and it is out of an abundance of caution that we follow what is expected of us as business owners.  

    With that being said-I am inviting you to please still contribute and take part at sending out our message of hope!  Use the link above to download a pdf copy of the mural design.  This is your coloring page!  Please share it with your family and work on it together.  When it’s done take a video of your family with the page and share your message of hope and feelings about the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Please email it to carolyn@galleryworksart.com

and share with the hashtags



so I can share it on my social media pages and website!  If you know of anyone else that would like to participate please have them email me.

   While this is happening I will be working on the full scale mural at my gallery each day.  I will be posting the progress on my instagram feed (@carolynthepainter). Please, please, please-get your kids and family out of the house and drive by to see the progress!!!!!  I will try to get out there around the same time everyday so you can plan to see the progress as it’s happening.  Thank you everyone for your interest and support-I am hopeful that this togetherness will help so many in this time of need!!!  Be well!